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Culpeper Knit Newborn Hat


Looking for a local project to be a part of? Our Newborn Knit Hat program is a great way to get involved in a local project and do a little extra knitting. Whether you are a wellversed knitter or a beginner trying to refine your skills, the Culpeper Knit Newborn Hat is a great way to give to the community. 


All hats that are created for the Culpeper Medical Center can be dropped off at Knit Wit to be distributed to the hospital. Please note, to prevent infectious diseases and allergies, all hats must be knitted with new yarn in a smoke free, scent free environment.  Please place your hat in a new plastic bag so that it stays clean. Thank you for donating your time and talents.




Corduroy Stitch


Would you like to learn a new stitch? Try the corduroy stitch! This pattern shows you how to make a washcloth with the corduroy stitch. 




Garter Stitch


The Garter Stitch! We bring you another stitch to try while making a washcloth. These individual squares can also be knit together to create a bigger item like a placemats. 



Stockinette Stitch


The last of our washcloth trio! Make a washcloth (or something bigger!) with the stockinette stitch! 



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